Kin’iro no Corda 3 Full Voice Special — Prologue

Kin’iro no Corda 3 was first released in 2010, but last year Koei decided to rerelease it in a fully voiced version for the series’ tenth year anniversary. Along with the extra voicing they have also added in new events and CGs, as well as including the PSN extra scenarios into the game. Because of the added content, I will be redoing my previous summaries and so have taken them down for now. Sorry I hope you’ll bear with me _:(´□`」 ∠):_

fullvoicespecialrz copy

Kin’iro no Corda 3 is set seven years after the end of 2f Encore. This means a brand new cast of characters, and instead of focusing on winning an in-school concours this game has its sights set on a bigger prize. The premise is also different as there are no magic violins or faeries, but the core concept is the same. It was sad at first saying goodbye to the previous characters, but I really got attached to this cast (* ´ ∀ ` *)

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